My little tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

I thought I would never blog again. However, Singapore lost her founding father Lee Kuan Yew on Monday morning. We lost our hero who built this country from scraps, we had nothing but only ourselves.

This entry was a last minute one, after six days of his death, endless of facebook posts, tweets, millions of tributes online and on print, his stories on television, I thought I better draft this out on my personal space for keeps (and in case we forget where our roots come from). Here goes, my little tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Thank you for your education policy, so every boy and girl in this nation can learn to read and write in English and their mother tongue (some of us even learn a third, fourth language so we could be more useful in future), to be able to start a living when we graduate.

Thank you for your law and order policy, so we can walk on the streets without having to worry about getting robbed, leaving our doors open without worrying about thefts.

Thank you for your water preservation policy, so we can be less dependent on Malaysia for our very basic need.

Thank you for your green policy, for planting trees all over the land, so we can shelter ourselves from the sweltering heat, yet beautify our country.

Thank you for defense policy, so we can feel safe living in the world of giants. Being part of the armed forces allows me to have the chance to protect this land you’ve created, I feel proud.

Thank you for preserving our cultures despite our multi-racial society, ensuring we live in harmony, despite all our differences.

Thank you for taking up the leadership when no one else did, thank you for fighting for our freedom, fighting against all odds, all for this piece of land.

Thank you for the courage to step up against everybody who stood in the way, anybody who didn’t conform to a better Singapore.

Thank you for putting Singapore onto the world map, so everybody knows who we are, despite being a small dot on the map. I feel proud to carry our red passport wherever I go.

Thank you for your open policy, everyone is free to come work in our country, I had the opportunity to meet people from abroad without having to step out of Singapore.

Thank you for making Singapore a gem city. I’m truly blessed to be enjoy the fruits of your labour, together with the other five million of us, we will continue your vision.

Thank you for everything, our hero. I can never thank you enough, and due to the overwhelming crowds and my ailing physical body, I can’t be there to pay my last respects. The future of Singapore, no one knows, but the foundation you’ve laid will benefit the future generations. It is up to us now, to steer this country into a better one.

Ironically, my given name has the same initial as this great man. I hope to carry this little part of him to the younger generations, not wanting to change any part of this wonderful country that he has built.

You have worked hard after 50 years of nation building, I hope you find Mrs Lee on the other side, please rest in peace.

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Hello 2014

by now, if you’re still reading this, give yourself a pat on your back! i totally forgot this space’s existence until someone reminded me that i used to blog a lot. to be honest, i cannot remember when i actually started, or how someone i dated got me started on reading (i love reading, just not that much during those sweet periods), and everybody loved reading what i wrote even though it was mainly on the boring random things which happened to me back then.

i spent most of my time on twitter and instagram now (if you haven’t already realized, which mountain did you hide in?), i find updating snippets of my life manageable over there. you see, pictures speak a thousand words, adding onto the fact that snapping a photo and uploading it saves a hell lot of time and effort. and tweets are usually rants, somehow.

anyways, this is the first post of the new year (technically, we’re still in Q1), so happy new year! i really hope i get content to talk about over here so i don’t lose anyone of you. been talking to a few people what i should be doing. someone actually asked me to revive this space! well if this space actually pays for the bills, why not?

that aside, i hope everyone is doing okay for the year. a new company for me. plenty of opportunities to interact with more random ideas. i really hope i get the body back in shape in terms of health, right now, the parts are loose and needs plenty of maintenance. this ‘draft’ is taking too long to type (usually i get it done in 15 minutes) so do connect with me if you have some ideas what i can do over here.

till next time.

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Another random update. December 2013

December has arrived. So has the year slowly, creeping past. Time is moving too quickly, especially 2013. Soon enough, 2013 will be gone, and then 2014, 2015.. 

Earlier I was trying to clear some old albums and I spent an hour looking at my past pictures. Mostly photos taken while traveling. I was looking back at my achievements, compared to what I was right now. Gosh I have fallen so hard. 

I kinda miss traveling, mostly Bangkok. I don’t know why. Somehow the land of smiles and the city of angels has brought much happiness into my life. Not the sleazy parts, but the culture, people, food. I even picked up some Thai along the way to integrate. I think I could do much better.

By the way, December 5th is the current Thai king’s birthday. Not like you will be keen to know, but protests in Thailand have stopped for a couple of days. Let’s continue to pray for peace while pushing for a better nation as a whole. 

As promised a quick update with no real content. i’m still trying to figure out what I can do here, and elsewhere. 

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A random update – Nov 2013

I know, I know – This space has been neglected again and again. Most of the time, I ran into a situation of what I should pen down (or type out, for this instance), then I go into blab out a draft which makes totally no sense, and then I delete the entire post altogether. 

Life has dipped to the far end, I wonder where it’ll go. The events around me don’t make perfect sense to me at the moment – it has come to this state of serenity, peace within the chaos. I don’t know how, I don’t really care how, but I think I’ve lost all control everything.

Maybe I will dedicate more time writing (whoever is reading, please be patient), maybe I’ll take note of what you guys want to me to write (erm, at the moment, bangkok travel posts seems most appropriate since I have been extensively researching), or do what I used to do; random posts – which obviously is boring, and not really appealing. But we’ll see, we’ll see how things unfold. 

By the way, for those who are celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the bonding, and turkey, and feasting. 

This is my 30th post on this wordpress. It should have been wrapped up years ago. So congratulate me, in any way you can.

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New Post: About Time

currently listening to: about time ost 

About Time, probably the best movie I’ve seen this year (actually, I’ve seen a whole bunch of crappy movies in 2013), is directed by Richard Curtis. When his name appears, british romance comedy pops up in my head. Notting Hill, Love Actually, Bridget Jones’s Diary amongst the popular ones I particularly love.

Amongst the many common names you’d relate when we say British, About Time stars Rachel McAdams (I love how she makes me fall in love with her every time I watch her act), Domhnall Gleeson (I swear to you I didn’t know he was Bill Weasley but he looks awkwardly familiar through the movie), Bill Nighy (I don’t think Bill needs an introduction, he might want to bring you back in time to his popular films Love Actually, and Pirates of the Carribean) and a list of other outstanding actors and actresses you would fall in love with.

Wow, so Tim’s dad lets him on a secret at the age of 21, he can travel in time. All the men in the family can. Life changing, as his dad puts it, before telling him this bizarre ability. He goes on to unfix his previous mistakes, and uses his ability to woo the impossibly perfect Mary, after that going back to points of his life to tweak his life for the better.

about time

This film heavily emphasises the importance of making everyday count, appreciating the people around you, especially when time is limited. I love the Tim-Mary chemistry, although Tim and his dad’s love does pull at the heartstring the most, towards the end. I find the show a tad too dull, for the constant ‘going back in time’ scenes, and this ability to time travel a little farfetched in real life.

I believe British movie fans would love this movie just as much as I do. But for now, head to the theatres and get ready to get your life-changing 123 minutes.

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Handy tips when visiting Bangkok, Thailand

If you haven’t already heard, I was in the city of angels recently (last week actually) to celebrate my birthday. It’s become an annual ritual to visit Thailand because of the variety of things you could do, virtually like a king. 

I am never sponsored so no ‘sales pitch’ here – just some tips to share since many of my past experiences were scams, so you learn the smart way here. Also grab the right people when you visit this country. I have (or heard) a few encounters when it comes to different agendas. Also reading travel guide (before flying) helps.

1) When it comes to visiting Bangkok (or any country with a different culture as yours): Respect. I can’t emphasize enough. The worst thing is to be in a different country and acting like you’re in your own. You’ll get out of trouble if you just watch what the locals do. Or better, keep all your comments to yourself. 

2) Learn a few words which might help. Hello, Thank You etc really helps. i find it especially in Thais, because their language could be relatively different, and it lightens them, and your experience as a whole. Also smile. Especially helpful when it comes to shopping.

3) This is a known fact but in case you don’t already know, Bangkok is famous for the traffic jams. Anytime after 4pm, avoid taking a cab. Better still, don’t take a cab or tuk-tuk, unless you really want to experience the culture, you could try. I would suggest taking them early, say before noon. 

Bangkok has a great network of transportation system which you could capitalize. the BTS and subway, for example, is how I usually commute. If you’re adventurous, do what the locals do, take a bus (within short distances), or a boat. Thailand is known as the venice of the East because of the wide range of klongs which connects the country.

4) Eat. By now, you should realize going to Thailand means immersing in the Thai culture, and what more could you do than tasting the best cuisines (in my books) on the planet. One tip is to go where the locals go. I’d say read widely. Ask your friends, read blogs of what others have experienced, or simply ask someone there!

You see how important it is to learn a few words so you strike up a conversation and gain some experience money can’t buy? Also remember to hydrate yourself constantly. I once fell sick because I thought I was too tough for the 37C weather. The last thing you’d want to spoil your holiday is lying in bed while your precious vacation hours goes ticking.

5) Shopping. Ladies, chill. If you’re traveling with girls, take note that all they can think of is shopping and clothes and what other colours they need for the next function etc. You can’t follow them, unless you have a huge stamina and broad shoulders to (occasionally, maybe all the time) lug their bags while they go release the kraken on their wardrobe. 

6) Visit the temples, go for a Thai massage, listen to Thai rock music, go to a quaint little cafe for a quiet time are other things you could do if you have the time. Of course, depends on what you’ve planned for.

There you go, a short entry about surviving the city I love. I’ve not heard of anyone I know who doesn’t enjoy Thailand. Maybe they know how much I love it they wouldn’t tell me. Do check out my Instagram or Tweet me for more questions.

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New post: New Year’s Eve 2012

I don’t remember much how this year went, because everything was moving way too quickly. Call me old (I prefer wiser), but it seems like many of my daily activities are put on auto-pilot.

I had the opportunity to visit 3 countries this year. Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali. Immersed in Asian culture, food and plenty of companionship. Traveling is amazing. Hopefully more cities to explore in 2013, definitely something I’d look forward to; making new marks on the map.

I met awesome people at #BusinessRocks. A monthly event held at BluJazz, features a simple presentation, you can chat about anything to anyone you meet there, over beer. Attracts over 40 people every month. You should come for the next one if you’re here in SG.

I got a Macbook! Yes I have been raving about it over twitter for months and i finally set my money on the 15″ Retina Display. Love it since. Haven’t really brought it out of the house, but this is a pretty light one, comparing to the older versions. Lack of the optical drive may be a downside, but who really uses one these days?

This year, The Mayans predicted the end of the world would occur. I’m glad they were so wrong! There has been little jokes after Dec 21 saying they ran out of paper for their calendar. I don’t really want to know the real reason! We have to look forward now. The future is ahead of us!

Overall, I couldn’t complain much how this year went. Well, I actually have a long list to do, haven’t checked many. I guess they can wait (procrastinating again). I’m running late for my final date, so enjoy the rest of the year (few hours left), party hard, keep in mind the mistakes in 2012, keeping faith and hopes for the new one. Happy 2013!

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